In an open court system where Justice is Blind and records are open like the one we employ in our country, citizens stepping up and doing jury duty in the judgment of our fellows accused of a crime or other civil action is a cornerstone, maybe even the backbone of the whole legal system. And while many of us joke about 'getting out of jury duty', the obligation is to always be taken seriously as a duty to our fellows.

That's perhaps the motivation of a scam artist now making phone calls in the SWLA area telling the person who answers they've missed their jury summons and a warrant is now out for their arrest. Most people begin to panic at this news, that's when the scam caller says he'll meet you in person to collect the fine to clear up the warrant, and he asks for your address.

Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Tony Mancuso wants you to know this is a scam, and the SO does not operate in this manner. The sheriff added never 'give personal information to any caller you do not know, never give them your financial information or send them money or meet them anywhere."

The Calcasieu Parish Sheriffs Office will never call you about jury duty.

If you have been contacted already, or receive such a call report it to the SO at 337-491-3667