Saturday night (Aug 11th) about 11pm Calcasieu Parish Sheriffs Office Deputies pulled over a man in a truck on Highway 171 in Moss Bluff on a traffic violation.

As it turned out the man had a hardship license from prior DWI offenses and was supposed to have an ignition interlock device on his vehicle but he did not. What he did have was 2 bottles of vodka, and the odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from his breath, bloodshot eyes, an unsteady balance and slurred speech, according to a statement today from Kim Meyers at the CPSO. 

Before long the Deputies found the two bottles of vodka in the truck, and the man, 40-year-old Barry D. Handy of Moss Bluff advised the deputies that yes, he had been drinking.

However, once back at the Sheriffs Office Handy refused to take the standard field sobriety test and the intoxilyzer test. With knowledge of the prior 3 DWIs in the past ten years, the deputies quickly obtained a warrant to have his blood drawn for a toxicology report at a local hospital.

After all of that, deputies brought Handy back to the jail and he was charged with DWI 4th, ignition interlock device offenses, failure to signal and, unlawfully operating with a hardship license. Deputy David Armstrong was the arresting officer.

CPSO-Barry Handy 14 Aug 2018

When Handy got before Judge David Ritchie, special conditions were set such as he cannot drive without permission from the courts, wear an alcohol-detecting ankle bracelet, not consume any alcoholic beverages, submit to random drug and alcohol screenings and not commit any other crimes. As well, Judge Ritchie set his bond at $110,250