This afternoon Kim Meyers reached out from the Calcasieu Parish Sheriffs Office to let us know that the checkpoints have been very effective in discouraging citizens from driving while impaired. 

That is great news my fellow roadway travelers, the release went on to mention people are more likely to designate a driver when they know sobriety checkpoints are being conducted. 

Well... yeah. And that's fantastic that's the desired effect.

That's why they're doing it again Friday, August 31st and by the way, we usually get a time frame but not with this release so you'd better be on your best behavior all day and night Friday and Saturday as we're sure you always are. Besides, by now, Santa Claus is starting to watch you pretty hard too, so just play it cool.

Always Designate a Driver or Stay Home

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Remember the attitude is a zero-tolerance policy across the board, no excuses, no if's and's, or buts. If you're discovered driving impaired you will be hauled off to the calaboose where many never wear deodorant in the already foul air, how attached you are to your bag of corn chips may determine your physical health and well-being, and your out-of-pocket costs over the next few years totaling thousands of dollars are going to be a shiv in your wallet and future plans. You do not want to go to jail.

Designate a driver or stay home.

The Louisiana Highway Safety Commission has sponsored this checkpoint by means of a grant.