So far as I know, and thankfully, we haven't had to put up the call for rescue from The Cajun Navy because our own Calcasieu Parish Sheriffs Department was ready willing and able with a plan for today's flooding.

The forecasters did warn us that rain was on the way, but what a wallop. As you can imagine the CPSO handled numerous calls, deploying 3 high water vehicles and 5 CPSO Marine Division 4x4 trucks with 2-man teams.

Mancuso Describes New Vehicle Usage

Today is the first time we have had to deploy our high water vehicles that we procured in June 2018.  We are very fortunate to have them when we have flooding incidents like the one today. These vehicles proved to be invaluable in rescuing people in their homes and cars according to Sheriff Tony Mancuso.

The sheriff added the vehicles are able to navigate up to three-feet of water, and are kept staged in different locations throughout the parish.

The Next Few Days

The outlook the next few days into the weekend includes more rain. Coverage chances are set at 30,40 and 80%, Fri, Sat and Sunday respectively. Winds will shift to the ENE dropping the overnight temps into the low sixties early next week.