About a month ago on March 14th at the WalMart on Sam Houston Jones in Moss Bluff, a Toyota Tacoma Sport backed into someones SUV and then left the scene.

No note on the windshield, no waiting around for the SUV owner to come out of the store. Just poof. Gone.

Photo: CPSO Moss Bluff Hit and Run, March 14, 2018, Toyota Tacoma Sport - Left Rear Corner Moderate Damage Possible

The Calcasieu Parish Sheriffs Office is asking the public for help in locating the driver of this truck. The exact color of the truck is unknown, only that it is a dark color and may have minor to moderate damage on the left rear corner of the truck. The time of the incident isn't exact but was in the early afternoon.

If this was you, or you know to whom the Toyota may belong to please call the lead investigator, Sgt. Bryan Guth at 491-3846. Tell him you're calling about Case No. 18-033909.