After these things end, the Sheriff's department always tells us what/who they caught, for instance perhaps they'll stop 300 vehicles, and out of those 300, they'll find a few instances of contraband and driving while under the influence of something.

Like you, as a basically clean and innocent driver, it's annoying to wait after being pulled over for a checkpoint. I'm only losing a few minutes of time - but I always appreciate the fact that the CPSO is doing this because that one driver that can't stand or walk on his own may have later directed his 5,000 pound guided missile on wheels at me or one of my loved ones.

Saturday, February 3rd the Calcasieu Parish Sheriffs Office will conduct a combination DWI and seatbelt checkpoint at an undisclosed location in the parish. We can't tell you where, because they don't tell us where.

The checkpoint is funded by a Louisiana Highway Safety Commission grant and has proven effective in discouraging citizens from driving while impaired. Always designate a driver - nearly all the bars will let DD's in for free, and provide them with free soft drinks for the night.