On his way to becoming a master criminal and cat burglar, the less-than-brilliant thief smashed the video cameras protecting his targets home who also happens to be a neighbor. He thought he'd covered all his bases but the digital cameras rolled right up until the time they were destroyed giving investigators a clear televised glimpse of the not ready for the prime time petty neighbor thief.

Around 3:30 PM last Thursday Calcasieu Parish Sheriffs Office investigators visited a Mack Road home in Vinton about a burglary, the homeowner said his PlayStation 4 and games were gone. Video footage looked like Joshua J. Richard a neighbor who lived a few doors down from the crime scene.

When deputies confronted Richard, he admitted to the break-in, then he forcefully resisted arrest and had drug paraphernalia in his pockets, talk about a dope.

Richard was booked into the Calcasieu Correctional Center on simple burglary, illegal possession of stolen property, resisting arrest with force, criminal property damage and possession of drug equipment. The judge set his bond at $11,500.

This writer seriously doubts Richard can call upon his neighbors to go his bail.