Sometimes they're nice little homesteads near a lazy river, sometimes they're lakefront property and more and more they're little islands unto themselves, houses on sticks if you will.


That's the life of property owners in the Sabine River Valley more and more and this weekend and the days to come are no exception. The headline is purposely worded to depict the facts and the frustrations of those along the Sabine River Valley. (I know 'damn' actually has an 'n' on the end)

As of today, all eleven gates are opened at four feet, while I've drawn out the mathematical calculations of such water in cubic feet in the past, river dwellers are familiar enough to know to prepare for the slug of water that will move down over the next few days, and how much worse it might get if we get more rain soon.

Both generators are running, and you'd better check your personal one in advance of the water's arrival.

For more information, see the SRA Louisiana Water Release Page Here