As a empty-nesting/widower I don't have a lot of interactivity with the outside world and don't get out too much.  Just the grocery stores, and stops around town at the hardware place and so on.  I have been aware of n'er-do-well criminals attempting to steal my money by placing 'skimmers' on ATM machines, gasoline pumps and where ever they can fit them, and I most certainly do use ATM's and gasoline pumps in my comings and goings, so I have been wondering about a great way to spot the skimmers and what to do about them.

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This video report from CBS Atlanta has an excellent representation of how the skimmers work to read our cards, and how we can test the machine on the spot to see if someone is trying to steal from us.  And in the past 90 days some of these devices have been found on area gas pumps and ATM's.

Seems all you have to simply do is pull on the plastic opening where your card fits, give it a good yank and if the outer part comes off, you've discovered a skimmer, and should report it to the owner.