As of 10 AM the National Weather Service Advisory No. 25 rated Hurricane Harvey's maximum winds at 75 MPH, but with a 2 MPH movement and half of it still hanging out over the Gulf of Mexico, we're in for a few more days of excitement with this storm of a lifetime.

National Weather Service 8.26.17 7AM CDT

Harvey is drenching Texas with torrential rains that will continue for a few more days. The Hurricane Warning for the Texas coast has been replaced with a Tropical Storm Warning, a Storm Surge Warning remains from Port Aransas to High Island, Texas.

8.25.17 Jennings, La. "Ominous Clouds" by Rhee

Rainfall - Expecting as much as 40 inches over the middle and upper Texas coast through Thursday, simultaneously producing total rain accumulations of five to fifteen inches in far S Texas, The Texas Hill Country and SW and Central Louisiana.

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Remember the old saying: 'turn around, don't drown' do NOT attempt to drive across water of any depth.