From the average human perspective of most people from SWLA or SE Texas drinking your own pee isn't exactly what we'd think of as a refreshing thirst quencher on a warm spring day.

And before you totally gag yourself out, the photo is of a woman drinking apple juice at an apple juice contest. But the law requires a photo with each post and obviously I was not going to produce an entirely appropriate photo myself for this story.

Let me go a step further and, based on my own experiences in having lived in and still often visiting the accountant son and nurse daughter in law near Denver, say that the Boulder area in the northern part of the state is in many ways an oddity. A sort of Austin, Texas of the Rockies in that some enclaves of true weirdness exist and thrive in an avant gard bohemian atmosphere.

So yeah, there are some really truly affected people in northern Colorado, where high grade marijuana can be purchased openly in stores as commonly as one can purchase a pound of coffee here, are drinking their own pee. And they swear by its physical benefits though no one has mentioned the taste.

One man stated that after trying all kinds of creams and ointments only his own water, helped his eczema. Funny but I see tv commercials all the time about doctors prescribing this or that for eczema.

Another swears that the first uh, emissions of the day are the most beneficial. In the early morning he splashes some in his eyes and on his face or has a kind of Chai tea.

Now to be sure the advocates cite a 5,000 year old practice called Shivambhu which theorizes your own water is the nectar of life as a basis for their ideology. Of course, back then nice drinking water could be hard to find and the mega-million dollar industry of bottled spring waters didn't exist then so it's easy to imagine how a thirsty person in 3,000 BC might think hey, it's water isn't it?

For more information about this Colorado band of weirdos and their leader who calls himself Brother Sage, click here.

And of course, stay thirsty my friends.