I've got pounds and pounds of my own coffee, and I usually have a stock of less-than-a-week old strawberry pop-tarts in the pantry and that's kind of breakfast around here... but there are those mornings, especially Saturday's when I don't have to get up as early and a nice hot donut or a few would be great.  But that means getting up early and leaving a little earlier to allow 'in line time' at the donut shop.. And for donuts on Saturday that means getting dressed and going down to the donut place to get them.  And my favorite spot doesn't have a drive through window, so I also have to splash some water on my face and see if a comb will go through my hair or wear a ball cap.  It's a process.  Why can't the donuts just come to me?

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Well now thanks to LaMar's Donuts in Denver, they can!  Well, not all the way to Louisiana of course, but I'm sure it won't be long before copy-catting donut shops get in on the new wave of food delivery and may I say I'd be proud to be the first recipient.

Denver Post via Getty Images

LaMar Donuts of Denver Tests Delivery System for Doughy Morning Treats

A spokesman for LaMar Donuts, Tami Osifodunrin said one of the hang-ups is an FAA regulation that prohibits commercial drone pilots from losing sight of their drones.  But hasn't Amazon experimented with drone delivery?  Wait, could we just order drone delivered donuts from Amazon?

But what capitalism does is solve problems if people can see a profit in it, so another company Drone Dispatch has stepped in to make the actual deliveries and center themselves around the downtown buildings that would most likely be ordering donuts, in this case the Denver City and County Building (ahhh, government can't run without donuts) and so the link from the fryer to the buyer has been safely established.

For more information or the complete story with more photos of flying donuts click here

By the way tomorrow is National Doughnut Day, the first Friday of every June.  See you in the line.