While all elections are special in that you get a say in how our government functions, tomorrow, Saturday, Sept. 30, early voting begins in an official special election to replace the Louisiana State Treasurer's Office seat vacated by John Kennedy. So your voice has an effect on how the state's monies (your tax dollars) are guarded.

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Early voting starts tomorrow and runs through October 7th, except it's closed on Sunday Oct. 1.  All of the state's 64 parishes are eligible to vote for this statewide office plus three constitutional amendments that are on the ballot for October 14th.

You may vote early at the parish Registrar of Voters Office as well as at other designated voting locations. For a listing of voting locations for each parish, click here.

In Louisiana, the State Treasurer is responsible for the state's checkbook and credit cards - as spelled out in Article IV, Section 9 of the Louisiana Constitution: the Treasurer is head of the Department of the Treasury and shall be responsible for the custody, investment and disbursement of public funds of the state.