Every generation seems to have its personality quirks particularly amongst the young. At certain points in one's youth, you feel like you'll live forever and nothing can hurt you. It lasts usually from the age of about 15 and sometimes into the early 30s before the aches and pains of the 40's sets in, that vanishing youthful period was the iron age. The iron age is that indestructible period in our lives where outdoor and indoor stunts are routinely performed that have given rise to the ubiquitous 'hold my beer' memes.

Bored Thrill Seekers

Ancient Egyptian archers shot arrows at each others head for sport and practice. It was a semi-deadly game of 'duck', but you had to recognize the arrow coming at your nose and move your head out of the way in time to avoid a big headache. Nice game. I wonder how they kept score.

Tempting fate with games and challenges has been the folly of youth for a long time. The Roaring 20's presented people sitting atop flagpoles for weeks at a time when they weren't down on the ground swallowing live goldfish.

It would still be possible to name certain people, who are now pawpaws and maw maws, pillars of their communities now, who were seen 'streaking', running stark naked through crowded public venues, during the 1970s. It was fairly safe, no chemicals, no props, just undress and run.

A couple of summers ago, we were standing in the broiling summer sun pouring buckets of ice water on ourselves. Some of those stunts actually monetarily benefited a worthy cause, while causing instant screams and tears of joy from social media watchers.

Who can forget the clouds of hilarious orange 'smoke', ingesting a tablespoon of dry cinnamon with no water will produce when swallowing.

Youthful pranks have ranged from deadly to harmless over the ages. The fads have come and gone too in fashion from beehive hair to women's sandals with the laces up the leg to the knee like the Roman legions wore.

Lonesome George - Eating Tide Pods and Snorting Condoms

Ingesting Soap Used to be A Punishment

Now we have the Tide-Pod eating and condom-snorting generation. We're all familiar with the soap eating challenge. Turn on your smartphone, and video yourself eating laundry detergent. Actually letting it melt on your tongue like a Godiva Truffle and photographing the goofy faces you may make as the chemicals melt in your mouth.

Condom snorting is the latest, and in the interest of keeping you up to date from the edges of popular culture, this involves putting an unwrapped condom up one nostril, then inhaling until it comes out of your mouth as a semi-inflated bubble.

As allergy and runny nose people know, your nose is connected to the back of your throat through small canals lined with sensitive membranes, along with your lungs, which would not react well to an inhaled condom. So yeah, anatomically it works and you could die.

Medical authorities note an inhaled condom could cause choking, and its worth mentioning it could also cause damage to your nasal passages, allergic reactions, even result in infections setting in.

So the latest fad is snorting condoms, as a society we've moved on from amatuer teeth whitening with foaming sodium percarbonate and polyethylene glycols to potential airway aspiration and obstruction with latex and polyurethane prophylactics.

Their iron age will give way soon enough to the clanky age and then on to the rusty age.

But what can we do? Kids will be kids. Dares are nothing new and plus we've survived overall from The Beatles to The Bieber, we'll be ok.