There's an old saying which science is finding out to be mostly true, stress may be linked to obesity.  Like most old sayings, which become old because they're based on historical observation a new study by an LSU researcher has found chronic stress can promote fat accumulation on the body.

Dr Amanda Staiano with LSU's Pennington Biomedical Research Center says while there could be a physiological reason for obesity, it could also be because people change their behaviors when they're stressed.  According to the good doctor "People tend to eat more when they are stressed and eat more  high calorie foods as well, so that might contribute to the obesity."

The study which lasted 4 years is linked to a stress hormone called cortisol.

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But what about those of us that enjoy eating for the sake of tasting and enjoying good food? One of my colleagues recently penned a popular "Best Boudin in Louisiana Poll' story that verily received nationwide acclaim and response! (search the above box for Best Boudin or click here to read it)

The doctor went on to say that over two-thirds of Louisiana adults and half the children in our state are overweight or obese.  While Dr. Staiano continues her important research in these areas of stress and obesity - I'm having a little more boudin and a lot more King Cake, frankly I'm a little stressed about King Cake season coming to an end today.

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