In spite of years, nay decades of warnings from the Surgeon General, some just never seem to learn. But in the case of an Indian elephant, she may have been smoking for medicinal purposes.

Or maybe she's stressed from being out of work since the Circus' ended.

The Independent - Nagahrole National Park-India. Smoking Elephant

There is a video here, the elephant can be seen snarfing up lumps of charcoal with its trunk and putting the charcoal in its mouth. The smoke seems to be the elephant blowing out the ash, at least that's the best guess of scientists who were studying tigers when they caught the elephant smoking.

They also theorize the elephant is ingesting the charcoal for its toxin binding properties. If you've ever had to have your stomach pumped, the emergency room will also have you drink a nasty concoction of water and activated charcoal for the same reasons.

Animals make use of charcoal often, which they find in areas subjected to wild forest fires or man-made fires in remote areas to control overgrowth.

Scientists at the Nagahrole National Park in India, which is home for several endangered animals such as these Indian and Asian elephants, Indian bison and tigers, are really only guessing as to why she's eating the charcoal.

Further, the charcoal as with humans can also serve as a laxative for the mammoth.

Great, a smoking elephant on laxatives. That's sure to clear any room.

It's an interesting glimpse into animal behavior but there's no cause for worry, the elephant only smokes when she's been drinking.