Updated: Monday 5:30 PM CDT 8.28.17 Latest Observed Value is: 171.21 Feet.  At this time Toledo Bend does not anticipate opening flood gates, approximately 18 more inches of rain would be necessary.

-End of Update-

Updated: Monday 1:15 PM CDT 8.28.17 Latest Observed Value is: 171.2 Feet - Action is taken at 172.5' including increased generating and/or opening of some spill gates. The Sabine River Valley has not announce plans for opening spillway gates of of this update.

-End of Update-

Updated: Sunday 915 PM CDT 8.27.17 - After an honest day's rain we're taking a look at the latest Toledo Bend Lake level. AT 8:45 PM CDT the Latest Observed Value was: 171.15' feet. Full is considered at 172 feet and action such as operating generators or opening spillways is at 172.5 feet.

The most recent record crest was 174.36 ft on 3.10.16 during the infamous 'Spring Break Flood' in which I-10 had to be shut down at the Sabine River border with Texas.

-End of Update-

With all this speak of rain, and by the way I wanted it to get cooler and have complained of the heat of recent, but could have made-do with a simple cool front with maybe temps dipping to a chilling 90° afternoon with a slight northerly breeze...perfect breezy summer iced tea and back porch weather.

But a whole hurricane that is making landfall, then maybe going back into the Gulf for another bite at warm moist rising air off the hot August water - that's steroids if you will for a hurricane, and then come back in our direction... And we're on the dirty wet side too... uh, no thanks, could have just stuck with the heat a few more weeks.  From now until the first big fall cool front we're headed for the ultimate Tropical Jungle Existence Experience during and after all this passes - heat, humidity, mosquitoes and rain...

Graphic: National Hurricane Center (NOAA)

Harvey The Cyclonic Anomaly if there ever was one - having drifted for weeks as a disorganized band of showers 'riding a tropical wave'... and not all the way from the coast of Africa ether, he sprang from no butterfly flutter - but from a porpoises splash couple weeks back off the north east tip of South America. Wandered aimlessly westward stirring up trouble here and there like a bumbling Jack Elam character in a 1960's western. Meandered over Yucatan, took in dinner and a show and then splashed out again into the deep south Gulf and started hungrily huffing that humid air and basking in the blazing recently eclipsed sun.

He's been a lot in his short life; disorganized, depression, storm, poorly organized, depression, storm... and now all grown up into a real live not to be taken lightly kick ass Hurricane.  Out there, pumping iron in the form of that deep warm ocean's evaporation's... sucking up as much moisture as as a potential monster can. The people on the coasts are already packing and running for the hills, Harvey. Plywood and duct tape sales are skyrocketing.

From partial totality to the cone of uncertainty, we're having a historic week of tweaks from Mother Nature. Get extra batteries.

Those in the Sabine River Valley in southwestern Louisiana never need our periodic publications of sandbag locations or how to fill, move or stack them as they're very familiar country-living appliances for the well-prepared. And it was barely a year ago we watched the Mermentau try to flush Lake Arthur into the Gulf, and the citizens banded together and built a wall of sandbags to save their town. People know sandbags.  There are some places where the river life is everyday Life, and at a time like this eyes turn toward Toledo Bend Lake levels.

Before the rain begins in earnest, let's see where we are: as of 8:00 PM CDT Aug 24, 2017 the lake level was at 170.84. The water must reach 172' to be 'full' and action such as opening spillway gates and more commonly increasing generating times is taken at a level reaching 172.5 feet.  The link for lake levels is right here.

As conditions change we'll make updates - sandbag locations are here for the uninitiated.