More money, no problems. Fetty Wap walked into a New Jersey courtroom with plenty of cash and no f---s to give, as he pled guilty to several driving offenses on Wednesday (Oct. 5).

The charges stem from the “Trap Queen” rapper's arrest on July 6 after police pulled him over for having tinted windows. In addition, he was charged with driving with a suspended license and failure to replace a damaged license plate.

Fetty Wap, whose real name is Willie Maxwell II, pled guilty to all the charges as well as a charge related to police responding to his home more than twice for false alarms. The judge order Fetty to pay $360 in fines, which the rapper gladly did.

Afterward, the 25-year-old rhymer appeared outside of the courthouse flaunting $165,000 in cash and taking pictures with the photographers who were waiting outside.

When a reporter asked him if his arrest was related to DWB (Driving While Black), Fetty Wap was quick to correct him.

"DWB-AR - Driving While Black and Rich," he said before flashing two stacks of cash and a big smile.

When asked if anyone was in the car with him, he replied, “Yeah, money. Benjamin.”

As for the tinted windows, he's keeping them on his car. Fetty’s attorney, Navarro Gray, told the judge it's necessary due to the rapper's glaucoma. Fetty has applied for a special permit with the Motor Vehicle Commission and his application is being reviewed.

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