Fetty Wap and his producer for "Trap Queen," Tony Fadd are being sued by a Danish songwriter who says they stole the beat from him.

According to TMZ, Lazar Lakic says he purchased exclusive rights in 2014 to a beat called, "Hello" from Tony Fadd and was shocked when he heard that same beat sampled in Fetty's monster hit, "Trap Queen." Lakic claims that in January 2015, Fadd contacted him and tried to buy back the rights to original song, "Hello" but Lakic declined. "Trap Queen," which was a huge hit, ended up going quadruple platinum. Now, Lakic is saying that he wants a cut.

For his part, Fetty's lawyer, Navarro Gray, basically says that the rapper doesn't have anything to do with whats going on between Fadd and Lakic because Fetty purchased the beat legally, and has the contract to prove it. If Lakic wins his case, Fetty's lawyers will go after Fadd to cover any money rewarded. Not only is Lakic suing for profits from "Trap Queen," he also wants to destroy all copies and stop sales of the song, which seems a little dramatic, but okay.

Beyond the lawsuit, Fetty has been taking more hits as of late. A few days ago he was dragged by his fans for being a no show at a gig he had at Syracuse University, where he was a headliner.

Either way, guess we'll see how this latest issue plays out in court.

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