With two to three inches of snow on the ground deadlocking the state for a day and with temps plummeting into the upper twenties tonight, it's hard to think about being outside for a picnic and waving flies off your food.

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So imagine you're inside at a nice large buffet, your stomach growling you've got three plates on your tray already. So what if a fly lands on your salad, just wave it off right?

That's what I've always done, but now a new study from Penn State Eberly College of Science has discovered that flies are worse than we ever knew before. According to this study, you'll want to dump any food that has been in contact with a fly.

The researchers found that flies carry salmonella, e-Coli and other bacteria that bring on stomach ulcers and deadly sepsis. To be sure, city flies are worse than country flies as urban area flies carry even more bacteria than their buzzing country dwelling cousins.

The common house fly, as found all over the world was found to harbor some 351 types of bacteria on their wings, legs, all parts of their bodies. They pick up these bacteria from (here it comes) feces and other decaying organic matter.

Just something to keep in mind as we sally forth into the party season where party trays and treats will be out in full un-refrigerated and covered up view.

How long has that potato salad been sitting out?