According to the Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, this is the first year ever that a map of the entire United States is the same color, designating the spread of flu all over the country.

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Millions of people, you and someone you know has been seen with 'flu eyes', a box of tissues, nose spray and gallons of the nighttime cough medicine at their bedside.

Authorities at the center, which has been tracking these illnesses over a dozen years have never seen an outbreak like this. And while they were optimistic the flu season had peaked a few weeks ago as it usually does around Thanksgiving to Christmas, experts feel that peak is happening right about now meaning there's a lot more flu to go before this season is over.

Kind of like that nagging, ongoing, sloshing, blowing into late October Hurricane Season we had last year. It just won't go away.

To make matters worse, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says there are "other strains" of flu still to show up in the population.


Keep washing your hands, stay away from sneezers and coughers, drink plenty of fluids (all the time), get plenty of rest. Spray around your house with disinfectant.

The weather will keep us indoors the next few days anyway so sit back, watch some movies, look at old photographs and stay warm and stay well.

Centers For Disease Control - Week Ending Jan 6, 2018

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