He was in the film business for some 35 years before landing the role that put him in the imaginary Pantheon of Television Fathers. Ward Cleaver, Howard Cunningham, and Martin Crane. The beer-swilling everyman retired police captain father of finicky Frasier and nitpicky Niles Crane.

John Mahoney who gave life to Martin Crane for 11 seasons on Frasier has passed away at age 77.

The English born actor (Blackpool) started in theater and immigrated to the United States at age 19. He worked his way through the usual show business brackets beginning in 1977 before landing the plum role of a lifetime in television in 1993.

As Martin Crane, Mahoney won two Emmy and Golden Globe nominations and won a SAG award.

One of the actor's props in Frasier's up-to-date tastefully and professionally decorated Seattle Skyview apartment, was an old beat-up duct tape patched over recliner whose presence was stink-eye tolerated by Frasier in deference to his dad, and it perfectly summed up the juxtaposition of personalities between father and sons for the 11 year course of the show

Mahoney had no children and had never married.

Getty Images - Cast of Frasier, NBC Television

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