Saturday from 10AM until 1PM at Lake Charles Toyota, the Louisiana Passenger Safety Task Force will provide Free child seat safety checks and answer questions.

The Washington Post/Getty Images

Safety and booster seats for kids save lives by offering the best protection in the event of a crash.  Experts estimate as much as 75% of seats are being used incorrectly based on a lack of good solid, instructions in their proper use.

And though you may know about the proper way to strap a kid in, does your in-laws, babysitters, how about sweet aunt Marie that picks up Jr for a Sunday afternoon drive to get a malt?  Here's an opportunity to be sure all caregivers of children in your life are properly schooled in the seats use, which have saved nearly 9,000 lives over the past three decades according to the government.

The Free event takes place at Lake Charles Toyota, Saturday morning from 10AM until 1PM and is sponsored by the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission and Lake Charles Toyota.