Give me a Sin City, Please.


This is not a story about Las Vegas or a commercial plug for a cool hamburger joint… this is a tale of something I ate in Colorado over spring break that puts In and Out and any other hamburger stand you want to name to shame.

I’d even stack this burger against any of our local sandwich shops, burger joints or restaurants even my beloved Cottens downtown takes a back seat here.

So I went to visit my son and daughter-in-law over spring break at their home in a Denver suburb, I’m unusual people say because I tend to drive the entire 1024 miles from my house to theirs in ‘one lick’ minus stops for gasoline and uh… personal breaks.  So when I arrived in the late afternoon, they, not knowing exactly when I’d arrive had not prepared any supper.

“How about a Crave Burger, Dad?"  What’s that?  OK, whatever… I’m tired and hungry. They showed me a printed out menu and I said just get me whatever you get, I basically want a cheeseburger and fries so whatever is closest is what I’ll take.

They came home with burger heaven in a bag.  I was given a ‘Sin City”.  I can’t describe how it tasted, other than to use whatever words are bigger and tastier than delicious.

First, as you can imagine it’s a ton of ground beef chuck hand formed with love – and an oven roasted bun but that’s only the obvious basics.  Next comes crispy tempura, fried white cheddar (this cheese was so thick with such a nice fried crust it looked like a yellow piece of deep-fried toast inside the burger, if you can imagine!), bourbon-glazed onions, avocado (which I normally can’t stand), lettuce and… here it is: thick sliced candied bacon.  Candied Bacon!  Let your tongue think about that for a moment.  I have never tasted any combination of burger ingredients that sent my taste buds into such joyful spasms as this burger did!

It was an ecstatic combination of gourmet and whimsy, these people are truly burger gurus that apply the spatula like Van Gogh maneuvered his brush.

Again, this is not a plug or paid endorsement for this restaurant it’s over a 1,000 miles from Lake Charles so you won’t be able to pop in for lunch anytime soon but I would contest this burger against almost any boudin, boiled crawfish, sandwiches or whatever else down here we love to eat.

Other menu items include burgers with cutesy names like Fatty Melt, Krusty, Love Stinks, 3 Little Pigs, Cheesy Jane, Slopper, Wise Guy and Wolf… but for my money (went a second time before I left town) Sin City is the One!

Like I said, you’re not going to be able to pop in the next few days for these burger masterpieces, but if you do get out west, out Denver way be sure to check out Crave Burgers.  I’m already thinking of excuses to return to visit my children as soon as possible.

The rest of the spring break trip?  Uh, the weather was nice.

To drool over this burger click here

Oh, and who sells Candied Bacon in SWLA?