According to his manager, the actor David Ogden Stiers has passed away after battling bladder cancer. Stiers was born on Halloween in 1942 in Peoria, Illinois and passed away today in Newport, Oregon at the age of 75.

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He was Julliard trained and studied with Rob Reiner and Howard Hessman.

During the early 1970s when there were basically three channels on television anywhere in America, you could spot him doing a Charlies Angels here or a Kojak there stretching his developing acting chops from a sniveling evil villain to a cowering innocent bystander. Or he could play the small-town out-of-towner in New York City for a two-day convention who witnesses a mob murder that changes his life and that of his families forever on an episode of Kojak. You know, that sort of thing an everyman, Forgettable.

Then Larry Linville left the CBS Television owned and ratings banging M*A*S*H for greener pastures (hasn't been seen since) and for the 1977 season, and a new character debuted as the third surgeon in the show: a Mr. Charles Winchester. The esteemed vascular surgeon from Boston, pinky finger extended and all to play the rigid protagonist to freewheeling Hawkeye and Capt. 'BJ Hunnicutt'.

The character of the aloof and arrogant doctor enshrined in America's television memory was created by David Ogden Stiers in his biggest break ever. The stuffy Dr. Winchester that Stiers created was the prototypical know-it-all and oh so often the boorish well-educated bumbling character that proceeded similar ones on TV such as Kelsey Grammer's 'Fraser', but we'll never forget Charles Winchester.

Rest in Peace David Ogden Stiers