Margot Kidder who struggled and fought against bipolar disorder for much of her life has passed away in Bozeman, Montana at the age of 69. Ms. Kidder came to America's attention opposite of Christopher Reeves in 1978's Superman film.

At this time the cause of death Sunday evening (13 May 18) is unknown though Ms. Kidder was known to have been plagued with health issues the past few years.

The Canadian born Margaret Ruth Kidder was born in the wild areas of Yellowknife in the fabled Northwest Territories, October 17, 1948.

In addition to playing pesky reporter Lois Lane in the original remake of Superman in 78, she co-starred in the three sequels. Aware of her own constant mood swings from an early age, which she documented in her childhood diaries, she attempted suicide at the age of 14.

Over the years her bipolar illness had taken its toll on her personal life, once married for a mere six days to the late actor John Heard, another time she disappeared and was found "dirty, frightened and paranoid" in the backyard bushes of complete strangers home in 1996. At times she lived on the streets as a homeless person.

Ms. Kidder leaves behind a daughter, Maggie McGuane and two grandchildren and wonderful memories to movie audiences as the audacious female reporter of the Daily Planet.