Like the danger denying mayor of Amity Island in JAWS in spite of the distractions, some Hawaiin tourism officials are encouraging vacationers to keep their plans, don't worry about the little volcano. Put the images of humans frozen in agony trying to escape Vesuvius in 79 AD or more recently Krakatoa in 1883 out of your minds and come to Hawaii to get a lei and a gas mask.

But the big island's dangerous distraction does not seem to be abating. On Sunday afternoon the US Geological Survey reported a 5.8 magnitude quake rattled the big island but fortunately did not create conditions for a tsunami. As of 11 AM Hawaii time on Sunday, officials reported some 500 smaller quakes, the most ever in a 24 hour period on Hawaii Island.

About the last thing you want happening to your volatile and highly unstable boiling over volcano is for it to get shaken around a bit.

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Volcanologists say the Sunday earthquakes are tied directly to the volcano which are the underground movements of rock and lava, as was last months 6.9 magnitude rattler.

According to the local news, satellite images showed substantial changes in the Halemaunau Crater such as cracks forming on the western rim allowing large portions of the rim to cave in. Such a cave in potentially would allow the magma some relief to flow toward the ocean.