The dishonorable former congressman from New York, Anthony Weiner, reported this morning at the Federal Medical Center in Ayer, Ma. While you and I gained an hour over this past weekend, Mr. Weiner will now lose 21 months of his life for sending lewd photographs to a minor girl.

Getty Images - Anthony Weiner begins 21-month federal prison sentence today, Monday, Nov 6th, 2017

As you'll recall, Weiner recently bawled literal tears at his Manhattan sentencing back in September, begging not to be placed in a facility like the federal lockup in Manhattan known as MCC, which has a reputation as a tough and not so pleasant place for sex offenders to serve. The final note as to whether Weiner could end up there isn't in yet, as the Massachusetts facility, about 100 miles from Boston, is utilized typically for offenders with much longer prison sentences. Weiner could still end up in the tougher, nastier downtown NYC prison.

While November's normally would represent the culmination of elections for Weiner, this year by election day, the once-combative congressman will be suited up in orange.

Wiener is also undergoing divorce proceedings from his wif,e Huma Abadeen. Last year, a criminal probe into his sexting with the underage high school girl intruded into the 2016 elections when the FBI discovered incriminating evidence on his personal laptop.