Sunday night around 11:30 at the Golden Nugget the driver of a Hyundai Veloster hit a light pole at the traffic circle and knocked it to the ground while leaving the casino.

Now the CPSO has put out a plea for your help in locating the late model 2-door with a sunroof that is white or silver in color. And it should be easy to identify with a busted up grill and torn up right side bumper.

The Sheriff's Department is investigating the case as an accidental hit and run, but the driver having had a possible run of bad luck at the craps tables it may also be a pissed off and knocked the hell out of the light post and hauled ass kind of thing too. Who knows what lurks in the hearts of men?

Either way, private property was damaged and the driver fled the scene without even leaving a note, and as we all know that's agin the law.

Sgt. Bryan Guth is the lead investigator and if you know who done it he sure would like your help. You can call the sergeant at 337-491-3846 and refer to case 18-55173.

If it was you, better fess up. You take that car to any body shop in SWLA and they'll drop a dime on you cause they've been noted to look for this kind of vehicle with this kind of damage.