My Fiance's family was in town over the weekend, so we decided to jam pack as much fun Lake Charles stuff as possible into a couple days... and it was a success!!

I ate boudin (finally), I went to the Golf Coast, I drank this interesting thing called a Buzz Ball (I don't know if that's specific to Louisiana), I ate at MacFarlane's Celtic Pub, I saw Sam Houston HS Students posing for Homecoming pictures, I watched fish jumping out of the lake for a good 15 minutes (it might have been the coolest thing I saw all day), basically it was just an AWESOME weekend! But, it got me thinking about all of the other things I still need to do, eat, see, and experience in the Lake Charles area. I am on a mission to do everything on Deb Thompson's '10 Fun Things to do in Lake Charles' List... Deb has a great blog that I discovered (actually a listener sent me the link when I was asking around about things to do in LA, so THANKS CHELSI!!) last week and it gave me a lot of great ideas for the weekend. I know you all have lived and loved LC for a while, but sometimes it's easy to forget all of the great things there are in the area, soooo I thought I would share the list with you all in case you need some new fun ideas! Her blog talks about everything from Boudin to the Gulf Coast to the Bayou Rum Distillery.