The headline of this story was engineered to get your attention because being asked to step out of your car at a sobriety checkpoint is about the last thing you'd ever want. If you're buckled up and sober, then the checkpoint is a very short inconvenience for the overall general safety of the motoring public, and you'll be quickly on your way.

So, don't drive while impaired period. 

Friday, March 29, Troop D plans to conduct a sobriety checkpoint from approximately 8 pm until 2 am. Of course, we can't tell you where.

The mission is to detect and arrest impaired drivers before they can mess up and hurt themselves or other nearby innocent people. Troopers will also be looking for seat belt infractions.

Drive straight and buckled in.

And by the bye, if you're driving around and see someone else that looks like they're impaired, having a medical emergency, etc., please report it at *577 or 911.