A recent story has OJ Simpson on Twitter allegedly threatening a man with, hold your breath, knife emojis here. Unbelievable yes? And while I won't spend any of my life defending any of this mans questionable activities over the past twenty-five years, most reasonable people would say that publicly threatening someone with a knife is pretty unreasonable especially for OJ.

But a few days before, OJ allegedly tweeted I've got a little getting even to do. More on that bazaar story here. And this is all from the guy that told the parole board two years ago I've always thought I'd been pretty good with people, and I basically have spent a conflict-free life. You know?

Well, maybe we don't know, who knows anything anymore.

We live in a world of deepfake videos that can make you appear to say or do almost anything and these actually pose a real threat to what any of us can perceive as truth going forward.

To be fair to OJ, there has been some argument back and forth as to whether his new Twitter account is actually the real OJ or a well crafted fake. Truth is, the internet can be a good and almost easy place to hide.

You can use VPNs (virtual private networks) proxy servers and other tactics to hide yourself online while creating fake accounts and impressions upon the public at large.

A lot of these kinds of activities are brewed up on the so-called dark web. With the aforementioned VPNs and proxy servers and some really cheap software like TOR encryption tools  you can anonymously surf websites that are deeply encrypted and not available to search engines like we use everyday.

A person could go online, into the dark web and create a totally untraceable Twitter account, or Facebook or anything else and by all normal means make it look real. Even law organizations with almost unlimited resources in IT have difficulties tracking terrorism and other nefarious activities in the dark world. When your social media accounts, phones, bank accounts and other personal items get hacked it's usually coming from criminals on the dark web.

Again, I'm not defending OJ Simpson and I'm not saying his new Twitter account isn't actually him. I'm just asking whether or not he is emboldened and brazen enough to threaten someone with knife emoji's. Most reasonable people in his unique position in history would quietly live somewhere, quietly.

He might be pretty good with people, and have led a basically conflict-free life, but he couldn't be this stupid could he? Or maybe he's just gone totally mad.

We'll have to leave this with a verse from the Barrett Strong song made popular by Marvin Gaye, I Heard it Through the Grapevine:

People say, "Believe half of what you see
Son, and none of what you hear"