Actually it was tomorrow.  June 1st marks the 50th anniversary of when Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play, hopefully all in tune so you wouldn't walk out on the show and go count the bullet holes in the Albert Hall cause we'd love to turn you on.

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The Beatles concept album was released on the morning of June 1, changing many things in music, particularly the concept of the ... 'concept' album.

Prior to this recording, bands typically wrote individual songs and released them as singles. Long playing (LP) albums were usually a mish-mosh of a collection of songs they thought might sell, with no connecting thread between the cuts.  In this way the Beatles inspired bands like Pink Floyd, Stevie Wonder, Randy Van Warmer, Alan Parsons and many others to conceive of and release entire long playing albums that pivoted around a central theme.

I'm not gonna try to deliver the one millionth review of Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, you've heard it you know what's there.

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Just want to say happy birthday to the record, to the intellect and vision behind it and on behalf of the group and myself, thank you very much for supporting it and listening to it when we've played it over the air these many years.