The aftershocks of the 6.9 magnitude earthquake of Northern Japan in March 2011 are still rippling. Tokyo Electric Power Co., has announced their decision to begin releasing radioactive tritium into the Pacific Ocean.  As you can imagine local fishermen aren't pleased.  Imagine one of our utilities deciding on their own to start dumping millions of gallons of radioactive material into Vermilion Bay.


However the facility operator, Tokyo Electric has assured everyone there is nothing to worry about and the vastness of the Pacific Ocean ultimately will absorb and dilute the some 770,000 tons of highly radioactive water now being stored in 580 tanks at the site.

This reminds me somewhat of the old oil spill days, where if it was rainy weather the responsible party would try to delay or slow down the clean up to allow the rain time to do its work.  We even had a saying: 'dilution is the solution to the pollution'.

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Not for nothing, but weren't the Japanese the one's over-fishing the whales here a while back?  Now they're opening the valves releasing tritium into the ocean? Look for pre-radiated sushi in stores soon.

What's going on with that country?  Who told them it was OK to build a nuclear reactor on a major fault line anyway?  And people are freaking out because we left the Paris Climate Accord?

But back to the situation at hand, as reported in the London Telegraph opponents of the move, which Tokyo Electric says is happening-the decision already taken, claim that in the duration of the past six years they (Tokyo Elec) should have developed a way to safely remove the tritium, instead of announcing one day they would simply dump it in the drink.  Presently there is no known way to filter or remove tritium from water.

This is all Fukushita'd Up. Isn't this how Godzilla got his start?