The high today in Montreal was a chilly 8° and for some reason Johnny Manziels career with the Alouettes suddenly got iced.

The scrambling make-it-happen A&M legend was released today from the Montreal Allouttes for unknown reasons, further, he was barred from signing with any other team.

I want to thank Coach Sherman, my teammates, and the CFL fans. My time there reestablished my love for the game of football and the work that goes into it. I look forward to exploring new options within the United States. Manziel tweeted a short while ago.

Manziel has posted some solid performances in his first season and from outward appearances was on the inside track for the starting job. This is a sudden turn of events by the team and for unknown reasons, as well the team felt necessary to have him kicked out of Canada.

In time more is likely to materialize gossip-wise on what JF did that was so offensive to the canucks, in the meantime, he'll be back in the good ol' USA in time for the likely opening of the XFL, or compete immediately in the AAF now playing their inaugural season on Saturday nights.