The ol' jury duty scam has reappeared in SW Louisiana. You know the drill, you get a call from a dirtbag claiming to be from the sheriffs department and the dirtbag says you failed to show up for jury duty and threatens you with a fine. Which they want you to pay via credit card over the phone then and there or deputies will shortly be dispatched to round you up.

It's a scam just like it was in 2017 and 2018.

In Calcasieu Parish, and most of the United States most jurisdictions do not impose fines for failing to appear for jury duty. If you happen to miss the summons or forget about it, they'll just send you another letter. It's all snail mail driven.

Here I'll give you my secret for stopping 98% of the scammers that might call you about this or Nigerian riches, lucrative home-based business and what not. When I answer an unknown number, I say, "Sheriff's Department, Fraud Division. May I help you?"

Scammers stammer and mumble something about a wrong number and they hang up and I get a big laugh out of it. If it happens to be a friend calling from a different number or a legitimate call, we both get a laugh out of it.

Obviously I'm not with the sheriff's department but the scammer doesn't know that. I say, fight fraud with fraud.