Kids love this thing for several reasons the most obvious is it's Christmas and it's exciting and each kid gets a gift bag and there's Santa Claus in one of the cars in his railroad throne in all his gift-giving glory taking the kids requests as best he can.

Then there's the idea it's a train, a choo-choo of sorts and kids little and big like locomotives. Electric trains are still one of the leading Christmas gifts for youngsters.

And maybe best of all it's Free to board and tour the beautifully decorated three car train, visit with Santa and get a gift bag and you might just make a priceless family memory.

The route goes from Shreveport, the consist departed November 27th, and ends up at the railroad's home depot Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri on December 22nd. That's just in time for Santa to begin loading the sleigh.

The Salvation Army Benefits

Another thing many kids appreciate is the railroads involvement with The Salvation Army and the Coats for Kids work the organization does. As well the KCS Holiday Train project has donated some $2.1 million to the Salvation Army to help provide warm clothing and other necessities for children in need.

The Local Schedule

Remember at all times when approaching or being near railroad tracks or rolling equipment to look in all directions before approaching a train and wait for direction from the train crew, in this case Santa's choo elves.

Thursday Dec 5th, 4 pm Westlake LA 3995 Old Spanish Trail, Friday Dec 6th, 4 pm at the Railroad Museum in DeQuincy, 400 Lake Charles Ave., and Saturday Dec 7th at 4 pm at the KCS Yard in Leesville, 901 South Third St.

The train then departs and heads north to Mansfield, Shreveport into Oklahoma and finally back into Missouri.