This gives checking your smoke alarm a wholly different meaning. Kidde United Technologies left a 'yellow cap' on while the alarms were being manufactured.

The cap covers one of two sensors and could leave you at risk of not knowing there's a fire in your home. The yellow cap hinders the alarms capability to 'smell' smoke.

The type of model involved is the Dual Sensor Smoke Alarm. If you have one, remove the alarm from it's mounted position and look through the openings on the sides of the alarm for the yellow cap.

Kidde United Technologies - Smoke Alarm Recall Model Dual Sensor Smoke Alarm Potential Safety Risk

The company does not want you to open or try to remove the cap yourself, instead immediately contact them at 833-551-7739. The Kidde website is

For information about your type of alarm and whether it's in the affected batch click here

If you'd like to know more about this and other recalled products, visit the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission recall website here

Kidde United Technologies - Smoke Alarm Recall 24 March 2018 - Yellow Cap