Where does food come from? What part of the chicken is the 'nuggets'? What is fondue? These are all questions seem simple enough, right? Not if you are a small child! Take a peek at this 'Talking with Kids' YouTube series about food and laugh out loud at Berry and Beans hilarious answers!!

The little girl in this video, Berry, is my spirit animal. I would actually answer all of these food questions exactly like she does. Except for the question "would you rather eat tomatoes everyday for the rest of your life or eat dog poop once"... I would eat the dog poop. I hate tomatoes. Like, really really really hate. I'll eat ketchup, pizza sauce, and spaghetti without an issue, but eating a chunk of a tomato makes me want to vomit. I don't know why.

In this video the Dad asks his kids, Berry and Beans, seemingly easy questions about food and the kids responses are amazing. Who knew that describing a baguette would be so difficult! Ehh, that's not true. I would probably just say "umm bread, from France?", because what actually is a baguette?! I can tell you for sure that it's not "uh bag nose" as Berry so beautifully describes it.

If you're like me you'll watch this video and immediately wish your kids were this hilarious and that you were a cool enough parent to think up the idea of making these videos. It's just perfect!!

-- epoddle