One of the biggest conundrums when a couple finds out they're pregnant is what to name the baby.  Of course in the modern age when the sex can be easily determined parents typically only have to focus on a masculine or feminine name - as opposed to the stone ages when I was becoming a father and we had to think of 'if it's a girl we'll name her this and a boy that"... and then of course those names changed twenty times from the first day of morning sickness until the end result squirmed out squalling.


As well, the chore can be lessened if there's a tradition of naming the child after someone else in the family - my oldest son's middle name is Frank after the middle names of me and my father and grandfather - we also respected the tradition of using the first name of the mothers father as a middle name for our second son.  If we'd had a third son, I don't know... his name might have been Jacques or something equally odd.

So without further ado and courtesy of the Social Security Administration of the United States - here are the top five girl and boy names in Louisiana in 2016 -

Boys - Liam, Noah, Mason, Elijah and William.

Girls - Ava, Olivia, Emma, Amelia and Harper

Additionally, Noah and Emma were the two most popular baby names in the whole country.  If you're in Texas or elsewhere you can check your states most popular names here.

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So whatever happened to names like, Doris, Hortense and Mabel?  And when's the last time you met a young Steve, Willie or Fred?