The zero turn mower was developed for speed, so that lawn contractors could mow more lawns, be more productive and earn more with their mowers, mowing. Over time they got bigger and faster, and of course, when home use versions became available, men up and down the street grabbed them up both as a status symbol and to save more time mowing.

Some owners tweaked their mowers for more speed and efficiency, and just like car manufacturers getting into NASCAR in the early 1960s, lawn mower makers jumped onboard too, building superfast ever more powerful mowers less for mowing and more for showing off.

Honda has gone full-tilt boogie with their soon to be unveiled V2 Mean Mower. They're shooting for a top speed of 150 MPH and yes, it mow's too, with carbon fiber blades powered by electric motors.

Honda is out to break the world speed lawn mower record presently held by a Norwegian Viking mower that can travel at 134 MPH.

These are all very nice, but I think I'll continue to walk behind my old Husque Varna at a pleasant 2 MPH stopping often for water breaks.

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