Seriously, dude, enough is enough. Some people already have their Christmas Trees up and the grocery stores all have end caps loaded with the makings for pies and cookies. Mincemeat cookie recipes are being dusted off and the chatty social media networks that cater to crafty people that make things for the house are getting a ton of visits. One can't get a basket at the hobby stores in the strip centers and the checkout lines are reaching back to the cutesy knick-knacks.

I've even seen prepackaged fruitcake in the deli at the store so for gawd's sake 2018 hurricane season pack it in already will ya? A friend told me he was done with his Christmas shopping today. Christmas Shopping Done!? It's November 10th and ain't nobody got time for no tropical shenanigans, except of course for my traditional Saturday evening blender of Pina Coladas.

I know you technically have until November 30th to blow up some noise, but really... what are you auditioning for some Witch of November gig now open on the Great Lakes? (Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald reference)

So let us call you a cab, summon Uber, call your ex-wife or heck, gimme your keys and I'll take you to your mama and them's myself for cryin' out loud.

National Weather Service - 10 Nov 18 654 EST

A Tropical Wave

Is located guess where, several hundred miles east of the Lesser Antilles, and I will say this about you 2018 a lot of you guys and gals got your start out there, at night on the weekends, skipping the whole butterfly-flapped-his-wings-on-the-west-coast-of-Africa thing that was once thought to initiate tropical disturbances. This season a lot of you disturbances whipped up just out in the open ocean, hundreds and hundreds of miles from any butterflies.

This week we were forecast a Blue Wave and then a Red Wave but I guess Mother Nature thought she'd step up and say hold my beer and show us one more Tropical Wave for the books, with all her quaint subliminal reminders of what real power and destruction can be.

Presently it's just a large area of disorganized cloudiness and thunderstorms and strong upper-level winds are saying there's no chance of further development in the next couple of days, but the oven could warm enough to cook up a subtropical cyclone by the middle of next week. According to the National Weather Service in Florida, the chances of that happening are set at 40%.

So really, lil' tropical wave just go on and drift northward awhile and then vanish, 2018 hurricane season your time is up, the arctic waves are voting against you and Santa's starting to pack the sleigh so, just go on home throw a log on the fire, have a cup of soup and hibernate.

We'll see you soon enough on June 1st.

For the complete National Hurricane Center outlook click right here.