After a thirty day layoff the commercial blue crabbing season in Louisiana was re-opened today to the delight of professional fishermen and amateur crab eaters alike.  The state routinely closes the season to allow the crabs to replenish and repopulate, and to keep undersized crabs from being caught and sold.

Closing the season primarily protects mainly the female crabs, and gives them a little time off from juicy bait inside traps to do their thing, mainly supply us with more crabby patties.

AFP/Getty Images

One of the characteristic signs that a crab is fully mature and ready to be taken to the pot is the blue color.  Size also plays a part but the blue color is what sells and is the thing diners as far north as Baltimore and other spots across the country like to see.  According to some fisheries experts the best blue crabs from Louisiana come from the Atchafalaya and Vermilion Bay areas.