You may now and then get special treatment here and there, for most of us it's a greeting card from our dentist sometime during the month our birthday falls in.  Other rock-star treatment may come from an attentive wait-person in a restaurant whom we know is angling for a nice fat tip from us.

But when you're a part of New Orleans biggest Mardi Gras parade, and then you get limo'ed to your float after the parade is under way, only then can you claim extra special person Rock-Star status and that's exactly what will happen with Gene Simmons next week in the sunken Crescent City.


Due to scheduling conflicts and Kiss's headliner billing at the post-parade Endymion Extravaganza in the Superdome, Simmons will not be available to be on the Grand Marshall's float at the beginning of the parade - the largest of the whole carnival season.

No problem, the parade rolls at 4:15 while the Kiss front-tongue-man will be busy with a sound-check; making sure everything on stage is good to go for the party. So Krewe members said they'll provide a special limo to ferry the entertainer to the front of the parade - presumably through a couple hundred thousand people begging "mister' to throw them something.

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A helicopter may be a better option.  If you're planning on seeing Gene  Simmons, you'd better stake out a spot near the end of the parade or you'll miss the leering bass man and any baubles he may float your way.

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