Preach, child. Preach. *insert raised hands emoji here*

Seriously though, I relate to this girl on every level. Well, not the part when she runs through the slow walkers legs, because I am not a small child, but everything else in this adorable little rant is on point. Slow walkers are the worst!

I assume that if you're walking it's because you're trying to get somewhere, and you'll get there a lot faster if you pick up the pace! Why are you walking so slow?

There needs to be a rule or something that states that anyone walking slow needs to keep to the left. Or maybe people should wear a sign that says "I'm a slow walker", so the normal people know to pass them. There's nothing worse than a slow walker getting in the way of you and your destination

"So remember people, don't walk slow. I have got no time for that."

[via, DailyPicksandFlicks]