You'll see an increase in fire department activity across the area, state and nation this week as firefighters hit the schools, malls and other public venues where ever people are gathered to remind them of the dangers of the radiating plasma that can do so much damage.

You'll see statistics in publications, on the radio, TV and internet about fire statistics, deaths, smoke inhalation, children and pets and your conscious mind will look in horror and feel momentarily thoughtful about the victims, while your subconscious reminds you that such horrific occurrences only happen to other people. But remember, to other people, other people is You.

This years campaign focuses on looking for places where a fire could start, listening for the sound of a smoke alarm and learning two ways out of every room in your home.

Get the family around the table, make a fire alarm go off so everyone knows the sound. Think and talk about places in your home, garage, etc., a fire could start. And discuss two ways to get out of every room in the house. Tell the children it'd be ok to throw a chair through a window to break it to get out in case of emergency. Plan a meeting place in front of your home, near the mailbox, etc., to gather during a home emergency. Tell them about touching the door handles to see if it's HOT on the other side of that door.

Look, Listen, Learn and survive. For more information about Fire Prevention Week click here.