Do you have a set or sets of numbers you like to play in the lottery, and face disappointment weekly as the balls fall the wrong way? Or maybe you're a 'quick-picker' that lets the machine pick your numbers for you, before you face the weekly disappointments.

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A former computer programmer in Iowa has all the other systems beat, at least for a while.  Eddie Tipton has admitted to being the lottery mastermind in a multi-state scheme that allowed he and his cohorts to win over $2 million in lottery money.

Tipton designed a sort of 'virus' that infiltrated lotteries that were picked by computer and not random ping pong balls, and won the millions in small amounts over a six year period from 2005-2011.  He set the numbers, and his minions bought the tickets at various locations, plus they only schemed on smaller amounts so as not to look suspicious and draw attention.

Now, Tipton and his fellow schemers including his brother who is in jail in Texas are facing 25 years in prison for their crimes.

Well, they should be well stocked in the prison's commissary.