Life along the coast often knows the violence of what mother nature can whip up with a little wind and rain. Our friends in Florida got hammered yesterday, I10 has already seen a flow of east bound power utility trucks. The usual comments from shocked residents are emerging from the Panama City Beach area many saying what we've heard before, it looks like an atomic bomb went off here. Several hours exposure to 150+ mph winds will tend to do that to an area.

On an official level, the Florida State Fire Marshal's Office has officially requested help from the Louisiana State Fire Marshal's Office. In response, Louisiana is sending about 20 personnel specially trained to assist or lead in water and structural rescue, medics who will join with another 75 firefighters and medics from the our Urban Search and Rescue Team (USAR). The crews from Louisiana numbering around 100 are actually already en route.

We'll keep you posted on area volunteer efforts to deliver materials and supplies to the ravaged areas.