More than a few of us have joked when on occasion we might possess a company credit card or some large amount of cash and going to the casino with it. But most of us know that our employer would freak the freak out if we actually did it. That's exactly what one company just did.

On May 16 Louisiana State Troopers assigned to the State Police Gaming Force got intel from a private company about multiple incidents of credit card fraud and attempted credit card fraud by one of their employees. The complaint alleged 34-year-old David Allen Haas of Pasadena, Texas, used a company credit card assigned to him make three cash advances at a local casino in March for over $14,000.

Tried It a Second Time and it Didn't Work

This month Haas attempted to make four cash advance transactions on the card at another area casino but the transactions were declined. At this point, most people would have skedaddled out of the casino. What happened instead was troopers on the Gaming Force got a notice and sprang into action.

Gets Busted In 'High Limits' Area

The troopers were actually able to locate Haas while he was still seated at a slot machine in the high limits area.

If you're gambling with other peoples money might as well shoot for the moon. He may have a future in politics when all this is done.

During questioning Haas admitted to the troopers he made the transactions and the attempted transactions. David Haas was booked into the Calcasieu Parish Correctional Center on charges of 3 counts credit card fraud and 4 counts attempted credit card fraud. Bond was set at $100,000.

It's unknown as to whether another credit card was used to bond out.