According to reports breaking on TMZ Johnny Manziel checked into a hospital in the Houston area last night due to an overreaction to an increase in dosage doctors prescribed to him in his lithium medication. The news came out in February that the 25-year-old suffers from bipolar disorder.

Bipolar disorder also known as manic-depressive disorder is a brain illness that presents itself as unusual shifts in mood, energy levels and the ability to carry out ordinary day to day tasks.

People suffering from the issue can experience periods of 'mood episodes'. These range from unusually intense emotions, odd activities and behaviors and changes in sleep patterns.

Manziel in an attempt to rejoin the NFL has been impressing scouts and team execs and doing well according to pro football insider reports.

At 1:19 PM today Lake Charles time Manziel addressed his fans on social media: "Thank you everyone for your concern and kind messages. Unfortunately I had a reaction to an increased dosage in Lithium which I take for my Bipolar disorder."

We believe everyone should have a second chance and wish Mr. Manziel the best.